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Deliver data-driven, quality patient care.

Access Appliance

Turnkey software-defined storage for unstructured healthcare data.

Top five reasons

Read the top reasons to use Access Appliance for healthcare data storage.

Analyze your risk

Try our new Risk Analysis Tool to analyze a sample folder of your organization’s file content.

Information can be life-saving.

In healthcare, having access to the right information, at the right time can make all the difference. Veritas helps you protect, manage and gain insight from your data to lead to better patient outcomes. We deliver solutions to help you manage your data no matter where it lives.


Data breach costs per capita by industry.

2017 Ponemon Institute


Ransomware is Getting More Sophisticated

What do you do if cybercriminals use malware to lock down your critical data—then demand money for its release? Are you prepared for a Ransomware attack? Learn how to protect your organization’s critical data.

Our Approach

The Veritas Data Management approach provides insight, protection and availability. This allows our customers to reduce the risk, cost and burden of storing their ever-increasing amounts of data across multiple departments and business of healthcare applications.

Evaluate the Cloud

Veritas provides the global visibility, centralized management and mission-critical data protection that agencies need to manage data across diverse systems and environments, including the cloud.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Healthcare organizations now understand that Information Governance and Information Availability can help reduce risk, increase efficiency, save money and improve healthcare outcomes.

Sort through data clutter and meet the industry's tight regulatory and compliance parameters.